Bluebonnet Society of Austin County Charities

The following charities were selected as the top three recipients for 2020 by the Bluebonnet Society members.

Additional charities are supported from funds raised during the Bluebonnet Ball in April.

The following charities have received support from the Bluebonnet Society:


Criteria for Charity Selection

Each year over 30 Austin County 501(c)3 organizations submit an application to the board of Directors for consideration. The Board examines and determines whether they comply with the criteria set by the Bluebonnet Society and stated in the by-laws. All charities must be approved in advance by the IRS as a Charitable organization in full compliance with Section 501(c)3 of the internal revenue code with primary office and function in Austin County, Texas and must submit proof with it’s application. All charities who submit an application for funds to the Directors must meet the definition of a charity as;

  • kindness or help for the needy, suffering, handicapped, community protection or community beautification
  • an institution engaged in relief of the poor, health care providers, community protection, senior citizens, arts
  • public provision for the relief of the poor, health care providers, community services, historical preservation
  • a gift for public benevolent purposes as hereinbefore defined

Charity Forms

All charities must submit the Application for Funds to be considered.

Charity Committee Chairmen

For more information on our charity selection, please contact Julie Nelson.

Please return all completed applications along with a copy of the organization’s tax status to: PO Box 92 Bellville, Texas 77418